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The Peel Student Presidents’ Council is comprised of eight elected executive members and two student trustees who act as the representatives of Peel students. The Council works closely with Peel Board in order to bring attention to student issues and raise student voice in the decisions that affect them. The PSPC also promotes student community involvement, leadership development and personal engagement through annual events and workshops.
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Every month the PSPC hosts General Meetings, where students can meet, network, and discuss common student issues. In the General Meetings they can connect with the Student Trustee’s allowing the board to have a source of student voice as well as learn more about leadership and some of the qualities of being a great leader. We also have a monthly segment called “President Trios” where 3 SAC Presidents join and collaborate on a presentation that is 5-10 minutes long that they deliver to the general membership!

Some of the topics covered at General Meetings include but are not limited to Digital Citizenship, Giving Back and Volunteering, and Time Management. We ask dynamic speakers to come talk about these topics and we also bring other leadership opportunities to the General Meeting attendees. This year we have created an entire platform to educate students on how to apply their leadership skills in schools to better their school community through SAC or various other paths.

Elections for the upcoming Peel Student Presidents’ Council term occur in May 2015 for the 2015-2016 term! There will be more announcements on social media and through closer to the date but you can check out our constitution to see if you’re eligible to run and the various different positions!

We suggests if you’re interested in running for an executive position you attend the general meetings and other PSPC events to familiarize yourself with our council and principles!

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